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  1. With the wide range of programs and degrees offered by U.S. universities, it is crucial to find the best fit that matches your personal needs. Speak with our expert consultants to discuss the different opportunities that may best suit you.
  2. There are many steps to take when enrolling for a university. Our professionals will assist you during the application process which may include but are not limited to: - College/University Application - English Proficiency Exam - SAT or ACT Testing - Student Visa (F-1)
  3. Getting around can be difficult when abroad in a new and unfamiliar country. Be at ease knowing that accommodations (such as transportation and housing) can be arranged through our network of American professionals who are highly familiar with the locality in the U.S.
About StudyAbroad Workshop
StudyAbroad offers 2-day workshop program

About the program
Apart from consulting services, StudyAbroad offers 2-days workshop program.This program aims to help students who thought about studying overseas.This program includes;

What will you learn?
After the workshop, you will able to find out the suitable scholarship opportunities, universities, the subjects which match your interests.

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